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You will find here a collection of astrological information,

some of which you can use to plan your daily or long term

activities. It would be found under Planets Retrograde,

Moon Void of Course, New or Full Moons, Eclipses,

Solstices & Equinoxes

A variety of Newsletters are also posted regularly, under

Archives, to reflect current

planetary activities, and their possible impact in our world.


Also, a fun feature you may appreciate is about the Moon and

the zodiacal wheel.

Indeed, on the top right corner, if you rest your curser

(don't click, just rest it) on the Moon, it'll tell you in

real time the phase of the Moon we are in.

The look of the Moon here also is how she is

in the sky now. Cool, hey!


And if you rest your curser on the zodiac sign, it'll tell

you in real time if we are in Gemini or in Capricorn or...

                                Hope you enjoy!


Astrology offers an empowering tool for self-understanding, personal transformation, healing, and growth.


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